The “We Are Expanding” Sale!

The love for all things reptile finds its peak in us, with our favourite order, Serpentes. After so many years of building the relationships we have formed in this hobby through snakes, we are currently maneuvering into offering a wider selection of animals.

Bearded dragon

Our clients (ugh)… customers (gross!)… friends and supporters have been at the forefront of everything we do. Thus, we are beyond excited to shift into this new endeavour of supplying everyone with reptiles, amphibians and inverts of the same quality, support, and bearded smile that you are already familiar with. 😉

tegu foot claw

Due to the variety of animals, we are currently working on revamping the website to make the viewing process smoother, and more pleasant for you. But what’s this talk about a sale, you ask??

Mochlus fernandi

We dropped some of our prices for you AND will be adding a 20% discount to all animals listed in our available section from 14th-21st July. That is 20% off the current listed price (to be applied during the checkout process). Why the sale? Did you even have to ask?

Argentine Black and White Tegu

Because we love you, silly… 😉

-Vanan Kesavan

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