Is My Snake a Boy or Girl?

Trying to pick the best name for your new snake? Or perhaps, you might be keen on breeding your snakes and are curious about telling the sexes apart.

Snakes do not give us many external clues to determine this. In some species, there is slight sexual dimorphism (physical differences between sexes). However, the majority of our non-legged friends keep their parts quite well hidden.

Male snake sex organs are called hemipenes and yes, they have two of them! One on each side of their bodies! They hold this organ inside their tail and it stays inverted until courtship and mating. Their testes are located just in front of their cloaca (ventral opening for defection/mating/egg-laying). Female snakes carry all their reproductive organs inside as well and they are located anterior to the cloaca as well.

Enough of sounding like a lecture in your biology classroom. How about we start taking a look at determining the sex of your snake? Here is a 2 part video series we put together a couple of years ago to help with just that.

Send us a message if you have any questions about any of the techniques mentioned. We are always happy to help.


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