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CanHerp – An association of reptile and amphibian keepers across Canada advocating for safe and responsible keeping. CanHerp also actively maintains our privilege in keeping said specialty pets by working with municipal bylaws and provincial legislation. Join us and become a member today! Follow us on Facebook 



PIJAC – A great resource and support for pet businesses and owners. Read about their Exotic Animals Policy.



Canadian Herpetological Society CHS – “The Canadian Herpetological Society (CHS) is committed to ensuring herpetology in Canada is welcoming to everyone. We are aware that our field does not have an inclusive history, but we are working to change this. We acknowledge that barriers, including systemic discrimination in academia and elsewhere, have prevented equitable access to education, research, and job opportunities in herpetology. As such, we are committed to ensuring that the CHS is a safe, equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment for all herpers.”





The Alberta Reptile and Amphibian Society








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