Africa is ready!

A few awesome species are being made available for the true enthusiast! These animals have gone through the first stages of acclimatizing and are doing well.

African File Snakes (Mehelya crossi)

Mehelya crossi


Common Bush Snakes (Philothamnus irregularis)

Philothamnus irregularis


We have treated everyone with two rounds of fenbendazole and treated them for external parasites. In most cases, feeding was established (most take off tongs) while the bush snakes (only exception) are still being assist fed. They do eat very well as soon as prey is placed in their mouths. Because we do not have access to live lizards, we do plan on live scenting with frozen lizards.

Brown House Snake (Dark form)

Boaedon fuliginosus


Cape House Snake (Stripe/patternless form)

Boaedon capensis


We got so excited when we saw the condition of the animals that we even got Fire Skinks!

Mochlus fernandi


For the intermediate/advanced keeper, imports are not something to be taken lightly. Experience is definitely an asset. Feel free to send us a message with any questions or concerns you may have. Can’t wait to share these with everyone!


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