Canadian Ophidiophile is located in sunny Medicine Hat, Alberta, home to the Canadian Bullsnake and Western Prairie Rattlesnake. Our vast collection hosts a wide variety of colubrid snakes from across the globe with an attentive focus on North American species. The company is not exclusive to colubrids. Our intention in growth is to continue to diversify in availability. Canadian Ophidiophile has a broad reach for shipping destinations. Many of our scaled friends have found their forever homes not only near our home base but all over North America and as far as Europe. We are unparalleled in our expertise & service for all ranges of clients, from a new snake owner to large wholesalers. No need is too big or too small to be met.

Our humble beginnings originate in a tropical island in the corner of Southeast Asia, where Vanan Kesavan was raised with stories of snake deities in mythology. A father who recounted his old childhood snake stories from his village days only served to increase the allure of the elusive serpent in modern-day, urban Singapore. Migrating to Canada opened the floodgates to embrace his childhood passion, and the day he brought home his first captive snake will never be forgotten. Within a year, he had started a collection that comprised of a few captive-bred specimens and also wild-caught imports in the hopes to establish them in the hobby that he was fond of. The drive to provide captive-bred babies of his favorite species brings us to the present where we find ourselves working with a great team of dedicated individuals that share the same passion and vision for the future. We are looking forward to serving you & to ensure the growth of this industry and hobby that we all love.