Ophidio (Greek): snake

-phile (Greek): one that loves



The Mission

With true love and passion for all things snake (Serpentes) & spanning almost 20 years of snake keeping, breeding, and field study, being an ‘Ophidiophile’ becomes more than just a business. It is a lifelong passion with the commitment & dedication to providing the opportunity, to share the love with YOU. Spanning several snake species over the decades, we provide only the best that captive breeding has to offer and the support that helps YOU take your experience to the next level. Welcome to our den, Ophidiophile.


2020 Scaleless Cornsnake

Males/Females - $400ea
Pairs - $750
Love it or hate it, scaleless snakes sure have a way of eliciting a response from every snake lover. Requiring no extra special care than their scaled variants, these "naked" cornsnakes showcase the colour inherent in their skin pigments. Contrary to popular belief, they even have fewer issues with sheds than scaled snakes. If you're already a morph lover, what's not to love about these freaks?

2020 Baja California Kingsnake (female)

Male (striped)/Female (banded) - $375
Pair - $700
A naturally occurring hypermelanistic locality of California Kingsnakes, this pair is sure to produce some stunning babies in the future. The female is banded and the male is striped. Hypermelanistic California Kingsnakes are sometimes more sought after than the more common solid black Mexican Black Kingsnakes because of the underlying patterns. A must-have for the true California Kingsnake enthusiast.

2019 Abberant California Kingsnake

Female - $250
This female has a tricolor look (white & yellow) with an awesome aberrant pattern, and a great personality to boot! Doing well on frozen-thawed hopper mice.


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