Ophidio (Greek): snake

-phile (Greek): one that loves



The Mission

With true love and passion for all things snake (Serpentes) & spanning almost 20 years of snake keeping, breeding, and field study, being an ‘Ophidiophile’ becomes more than just a business. It is a lifelong passion with the commitment & dedication to providing the opportunity, to share the love with YOU. Spanning several snake species over the decades, we provide only the best that captive breeding has to offer and the support that helps YOU take your experience to the next level. Welcome to our den, Ophidiophile.

*Exciting news!! We are now branching out into other groups of reptiles as well! Check out the AVAILABILITY page.*


Mexican Red-Legged Tarantula

1/2" - $40

1/2" - $30
(Brachypelma emilia)

Care level: Beginner
Size: 1/4-3.5"
Temperature: 75-82F
Humidity: 60-70%
Temperament: Calm to defensive

Het Albino & Whitewall Speckled Kingsnake

Female - $225

(Lampropeltis floridana)

Care level: Beginner
Age: 2019
Size: 3.5'
Lighting: 12 hour day/night cycle
Temperature: 74-84F
Humidity: 50-70%
Temperament: Calm to nervous

Forest File Snake

CB Male - $400

(Limaformosa crossi)

Care level: Intermediate
Age: Captive Bred 2020
Size: 20", adults 4'
Lighting: 12 hour day/night cycle
Temperature: 76-87F
Humidity: 50-70%
Temperament: Calm to nervous



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